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A brief overview of our professional services render

Real Estate Home Inspection

Full Real Estate Home Inspections

A full detailed inspection of the property focused on the four main components of a house: electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and roofing. In addition, we will address the structure, points of access and egress, surroundings, etc. We have years of experience ready to put at your disposal, to assure your investment. No job is too big or too small for us.  

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4 point, insurance inspections, best inspection,

4 Point Insurance Inspections

Done for the Insurance Company with the clients' well being in mind

These are lighter inspections, but still involve the 4 main components on a house, Electrical, Plumbing, Roofing, HVAC. I will take a good look at these components and report on them with accuracy and professionalism in order to help you gather those desired insurance credits.  

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Wind mitigation, Uniform OB12, Insurance inspection, Hurricane

Uniform Wind Mitigation Inspections

Done for the Insurance Company with the clients' well being in mind

Meticulous inspections detailing the roofing condition, construction and attachment to the main structure. Perform with the utmost care in order to really demonstrate the weakest points and wind born protections on all the openings of the property, once again, to get you the most insurance credits that you very well deserve.  

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Real Estate Home Inspection

Septic Tank Inspections

Make sure your tank is working properly

During the inspection I will locate the septic tank and drain field, provide a full inspection of the septic system components and determine if maintenance is needed or replacement of any component is necessary. This service is highly recommended when purchasing a house, especially and older house, since cleaning, maintenance or replacement of a septic system usually involves permits and municipality inspections depending on the County or City where the property is located.

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new home built, new deck, remodeling kitchen, bathroom, project oversight

Project Oversight Inspections

We'll make sure your contractor does it right?

Replacing a roof? Having a new home built? Remodeling a bathroom? Adding a deck?

Let me handle the job for you. Our Project Oversight service consist on handling the construction or renovation project. You hire the contractor, we do the hard work. On a regular basis I will stop by the job site and inspect the work done by the contractor or sub-contractor, to assure it meets code and our rigorous standards. I will also review for you, payment requisitions made by the contractor, to guarantee that you are not paying more that the percentage of work been done. I have a team of professional Architects and Engineers at my disposal, in order to address any unforeseen construct-ability issue. Also, this service includes a final inspection prior to final payment. 

-Project and contractor oversight

-New-construction or remodeling interval inspections

-Final walk-through inspections

-One-Year Builder’s Warranty Inspections

-Annual inspections for home and commercial property owners

-Investor consulting

-Foreclosure inspections

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Real Estate Home Inspection, commercial, plumbing inspections, electrical, HAVC, mechanical inspections, pre sale

Commercial Inspections

Team of professionals for each discipline

My team of professional architects and engineers will collect information through visual observation during a walk-through survey of the subject property, conducting research about the property, and then generating a meaningful report about the condition of the commercial estate based on the observations made and research conducted. For pricing information on this service.....

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Roofing inspection, construction, pre-sale, hurricane, insurance

Roofing Inspections

What really means

This consist of a visual non-invasive full inspection of the roof covering, construction, flashing, and materials involved in all these. We will provide a full report with pictures showing the actual condition of the roof and in detail, showing any deficiencies encountered. We will also comment in the life expectancy of it. For pricing information for this service.....

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Real Estate Home Inspection

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